by Eric Iozzi

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GENRE: Dream Pop, Art Rock, Synth Pop


This is "Fernweh Part Two".

Both albuns share the same concept:
wanderlust, misfits and strange longings.
But while on Fernweh the person is hopeful,
on Voyage he/she goes slightly mad and depart.

Musically, it differs from my other albuns because,
not only it has shorter songs, but also beacuse most of them have lyrics.
I sang them all myself, but not without the occasional dissonance,
which is something I like.

Otherwise, it's as experimental as any of my albuns.
Lots of sound-effects, sound design...I even used a spoon, a squeacking chair and a punch at a wooden desk as the sorce for a percussion loop.

Voyage was recorded at home, with cheap equipment,
from january to april 2016.


Este album é a continuação do Fernweh.

Os dois albuns têm o mesmo conceito:
vontade de ir embora, ser desambientado e ter saudades estranhas.
No entando, no Fernweh a pessoa estava esperançosa,
aqui ela quase enlouquece mas finalmente parte rumo ao desconhecido.

Musicalmente, este album é diferente dos outros que lancei porque,
além de ser totalmente composto por faixas curtas,
a maioria delas tem letra.
Eu mesmo cantei, embora não sem as ocasionais dissonâncias,
que é algo que eu curto.

De resto, o album é tão experimental quanto os outros.
Muito efeito sonoro, muito "sound design"...inclusive usei uma colher, uma cadeira e um soco numa mesa como materia prima
pra um loop de percussão.

Voyage foi gravado em casa, com equipamento barato,
entre janeiro e abril de 2016.



released May 23, 2016


Produced by Eric Iozzi

All the music was composed, arranged, played, sung, recorded,
engineered, mixed and edited by Eric Iozzi.

Pictures and artwork by Eric Iozzi


FILE UNDER: art rock, psychedelic rock, electronica, baroque pop




all rights reserved


Eric Iozzi Santos, Brazil

All I have is an old battered laptop, one mike, some cheap musical instruments and a lot of nerve!!!!

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Track Name: I Have Quit Society

I am inappropiate
and I like it that way
I'm unhip, I am away
don't care what your friends say

You think that it's insanity
as if I wasn't happy
but you don't need and I don't need
it doesn't mean we're selfish
Track Name: Trust

Why the hell there has to be so many people everywhere?
It's so suffocating, I can never rest

If you're on the street, beware!
The cars might hit you on the sidewalk
but not if you stand and stare
we have to trust
even if we don't know them
Track Name: MON Park

I don't know why you bother
I don't know why you care so much
I don't know why you hang around that door
when you know
I don't live there anymore

But that day in the MON Park
we were two soul mates
you know I was your friend
but then you didn't care

You talked about your new love
and just how nice he was
you know how to kill a soul
you wanted and you killed mine

I left the park not knowing where to go
couldn't help remembering your words
I took a train and wondered
where it was leading to
Should I hate you?

So why insist in calling me?
Wasn't that enough for you?
I can't remember why I liked you
What are you searching for?

But that day in the MON Park
I was so happy
why did you have to be so cruel?
You loved to make me blue

But this time you ruined it all
you closed all doors
I couldn't stand no more
you searched and you have found it
Track Name: Separated Twins

Good morning, my lover
I heard you in my head
I forgot all the distance
Forgot all the gloom

Daybreak sent flowers
from your window to my bed
All I ever wanted
I knew it was you

Oh let's heave a chat, dear
With no words, dear, just look
I can't understand, dear,
whatever you mean

All I ever wanted
I knew it was true
I just want to live
in the same world as you

Good morning, red rover
and all who went insane
and all who start over
again and again

All I ever wanted
from cradle to grave
All I ever made
was a damage in my brain
Track Name: Helium Gas Demon

I hate it when the sky is frightening
From moon to sun
Don't care what your friends say
I don't know why you bother

Why there has to be so many people everywhere?
It's so suffocating!
I can never rest

If you're on the street, beware!
The scars might hit you on the sidewalk
but not if you trust and stare

We have to trust
Even if we don't know them!
Track Name: 36 Moons

I prefer one moon in the sky
That's how it's always been
And I am used to it

I hate it when the sky goes crazy
and show the those moving shapes
and all those living things

I prefer on moon in the sky
It means that everything is balanced
The landscape is not tarnished

I hate it when the sky is frightening
although it's more beautiful
I think it's not mercyful
Track Name: Goodnight, Pyramid

Sorry about that
I had a severe illness
And I walked the way from field to desert
From moon to sun
All I have is a ring of keys to save you.

You seem to fit
You look greater than I thought
And you have the element of fright and distrust
Of ashes and dust
But for now I wanna sleep and vanish